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Our most commonly asked questions (with answers!) are below. Your question isn't answered here? Contact Us or complete the Support Request form.

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General Webhosting (7)
1 How do I transfer my domain to JoltDigital's servers with little or no downtime?
2 What does it mean when I see my account gets some resource like unlimited mail boxes?
3 Is there any kind of content that is not allowed on a shared account?
4 What is the difference between Unix accounts and Windows accounts?
5 How do I change my billing information in HSphere?
6 How do I change my contact information in HSphere?
7 What is SSL?
Email (9)
1 My email doesn't work.
2 When I try to send email I get a rcpthosts error.
3 How do I login to webmail?
4 How do I enable antivirus on my email account?
5 How do I enable antispam on my email account and how does it work?
6 All of my settings are configured properly, but I still cannot send email. After a few minutes I get a connection error.
7 I used to have folders and messages listed in webmail, but now when I login I can no loger see my saved messages.
8 I have difficulties in retrieving mail using Netscape. I can't log into my mail account because the account user name now takes the form of the full e-mail address.
9 Do you support SSL email
ASP (7)
1 How can I find the path to my website?
2 What are some of the connection strings to various databases?
3 How do I use CDOSYS?
4 How do I use CDONTS?
5 How can I return a directory of current page?
6 How can I place all form fields in to variables?
7 I need to setup a DSN for my ASP connection.
1 I can not connect to my database through Enterprise Manager
2 FTP through a stored procedure
3 Change ownership of a table through SQL
4 How do a write a stored procedure?
5 Is there a simple way to edit MSAccess databases without having to download, edit, then reupload it?
6 How do I make an encrypted connection to the mssql 2005 server through sql studio express?
FTP (4)
1 What is FTP and how does it work?
2 When I FTP into my domain it connects but times out showing the directories or shows them very slowly.
3 Anonymous FTP users don't see the content of my directory.
4 How come my virtual FTP users can browse my root directory?
Unix Webhosting (2)
1 What is the path to Perl?
2 What is the path to sendmail?
Domain Names (11)
1 What is a domain name?
2 What does "register a domain name" mean?
3 What is involved in registering a domain name in .com, .net or .org?
4 Will my name and contact information be publicly available?
5 How long does a domain name registration last? Can it be renewed?
6 How long does it take to register or transfer a domain name?
7 How long does it take to register or transfer a domain name?
8 What are the rules for registration of .net and .org names?
9 Are .com, .net, and .org domain names available for registration on a global basis?
10 I've seen domain names ending with two-letter combinations, like .uk. What are the rules for registering in these domains?
11 What is a stopgap domain?

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