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Sunday, December 04, 2022 

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So what do our clients say? See for yourself. Our focus on quality over quantity allows us to forge wonderful and mutually beneficial relationships with our clients!
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quality, not quantityThe folks at JoltDigital continue to provide us with excellent customer service. They built our site from scratch. They customized our web-site to meet all of our needs.
Customer service is always top notch, they always respond quickly and efficiently to our requests. If I were going to build another site or host a new site I would only use JoltDigital.

Mike McSunas
Operations Manager
Sunshine Research Inc.
This note is just to say, "Thank you" for your outstanding web site design and development judgment and skill, for your sensitivity to our needs, objectives and deadlines and also for your conscientious oversight of our web site, our domain renewals and our VeriSign renewal. We have had several talented, but unreliable web developers before finding you a few years ago, and it is so very reassuring that you not only know what is best for us and how to do it, but that you also get it done as if it were for your own business!

We are very grateful to you!

Marshall P. Gavin
Executive Vice President
b. dazzle, inc.

Thanks guys! After moving my website from one hosting company to another over the past few years, I was beginning to think that reliable web hosting didn't exist. Thankfully, I was wrong! Since I've been with JoltDigital, I haven't had a single problem with my website or my e-mail being "unavailable". Wow! What a relief to know that I no longer need to worry about it!

John Zahnleuter
The Best Express LLC

Mindmagma chose JoltDigital for our hosting and other Internet service needs for two key reasons: reliability and value.

Many of our clients are businesses which generate significant portions of their revenue from the e-commerce websites we develop and maintain for them. Their customers are global, and the sites are in use around the clock. Consequently, all of the considerations integral to the term "reliability" were critical requirements when Mindmagma needed hosting: uptime, throughput, backups, failover capabilities, incident response, realtime and trend tracking features, to name a few. JoltDigital's ability to deliver on these and other aspects of the reliability equation played a pivotal role in Mindmagma's decision.

Secondary only to providing client satisfaction was Mindmagma's need to deliver that capability at a price point our budget and business plan could tolerate. Once again, JoltDigital rose to the challenge with a competitive pricing structure across their entire range of product offerings.

These factors, coupled with a variety of other important benefits -- excellent full-time support, a solid selection of ready-to-run applications for a range of typical website needs for both end-users and site owners and maintainers, the ability to provide the right mix of off-the-shelf and custom-developed solutions resulting in a turnkey experience, and the simple fact of being able to contact a live person at a moment's notice -- all of these things made JoltDigital the obvious choice for delivering the Internet services Mindmagma requires.

JoltDigital continues to deliver on those key propositions, and has repeatedly demonstrated an ability to meet Mindmagma's needs as the business grows and changes. For Mindmagma, the decision was made three years ago, and the wisdom of that decision is evident in each of the hundreds of successful transactions serviced by our clients each day.

Jon McGuire

JoltDigital has been great! Their attention to detail is exactly what I expect in a partner. My customers depend on my systems being up 100% of the time and that is what JoltDigital gives me. If there are issues, their responsiveness to problems are second to none.

Mark Hembree
PayCardOne, Inc.

JoltDigital is simply put – great. I am a computer person by trade, but not a programmer. I needed some customizations done on my ProductCart setup – I knew it was not very complicated to do, but I didn’t have the time to pick through the code myself. Every quote I received from other developers was way over priced. Luckily I found JoltDigital – Jen gave me a fair quote and had it done the next day. I have had them do several more customizations including one very complicated one, all were done promptly and very professionally. They are fair, friendly, and fast. When I need work done I don’t even shop around anymore – I just go right to them. Very highly recommended!

Patrick Mangan
Einstein Moomjy

It has been a real pleasure working JoltDigital in developing the website for our web-based digital asset management application, Your prompt response and quick turn-arounds are especially gratifying in business where for others “right away” can mean a week or more. Your knowledge of good, clean HTML is also impressive. While other sites chug and cough, ours opens in a flash. I look forward to working with you in the future.

Harry Chittenden
Marketing Director

JoltDigital saved my website and business from a cheap hoster who was a disaster. Don’t risk your business with anyone else. JoltDigital is a reliable web hoster that has experienced staff who have always been around to fix problems that I have created developing my website. They are very fast, and the staff very friendly and helpful. Your customers will be glad you use JoltDigital and you will be able to sleep at night. I proudly have a link to their website on my homepage as I am so grateful to everyone at JoltDigital.

David Elliott
Image Blue

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